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There is a team of doctors who assist Dr. Master to see the patients. They are further assisted by highly experienced pharmacists who dispense the drugs prescribed by the doctors.

At the center there is a case history book of 42 pages loaded with self-styled questions. The first page of the book explains the homeopathic philosophy of case taking.

When a new patient arrives, the data (all the details of the case including the investigation reports) is noted by the junior assistant doctor.

The patient is attended to, depending on the severity of the complaint. In an acute situation the patient is attended immediately while in a chronic situation a second appointment is given when a senior physician at the center interrogates the patient and tries to psychoanalyze the patient and comes up with some reportorial and remedial suggestions.

The case is now handed over by way of presentation to Dr. Master who then further analyzes, does the required physical examination, advices relevant investigations and arrives at the medical diagnosis.

At the same time, appropriate situations from the patient’s life are converted into rubrics and a repertory is selected, for e.g.- in cases of fever, Dr. Master prefers the Boenninghausen method while in chronic cases, the Synthesis repertory version 9.1 by Dr. Fredrick Schroyens is chiefly used.

A single remedy is always the rule whether it is an acute or a chronic case.

On an average about 4-10 new patients register daily at the center, while Dr. Master personally interviews 3 new patients every day. Every new patient gives the history and interview for about 1-1½ hours and it takes another 1½ hours to re-interview, depending on each individual case. Around 60-80 follow-ups are seen daily, but not necessarily all by Dr. Master. If a patient has not improved or needs urgent medical attention, then Dr. Master sees that particular follow-up personally.

Dr. Master has a team of doctors who are specially trained and are well read in the field of human psychology, viz. Dr. Farhad Adajania. Often they re-interview the cases or help Dr. Master to analyze the dreams or certain difficult psychological situations.

 On a monthly basis the following type of cases get registered at the center:

30% are cancer patients
30% are those with chronic renal failure
30% are from the pediatric age group, suffering from various illnesses like asthma, bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, atopic eczema, behavioral problems, bed-wetting, autism and dyslexia.
10% are those suffering from skin diseases (like lichen planus, psoriasis, eczema, etc.) and psychiatric illness (like bipolar personality and schizo-affective disorders).

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