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The HHC offers to dedicated homeopathic students and practising homeopaths to come to Mumbai and experience the daily routine of the homeopathic clinic.

Each day you will  sit in during routine consultations of one of the doctors. You will see many types of acute illnesses of children and adults like viral fevers, otitis media, sinus infections, tonsil inflammations, etc.. You will also see many chronic cases of bronchial problems like asthma, allergies, skin diseases, psychiatric cases, diabetes, ischaemic heart disease, cancer, chronic renal failure, collagen disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Majority of the patients who come to Dr. Master speak in English. In case some of them do not speak english, the assistants will be more than happy to translate their language for you.

It will be a valuable learning experience for those who want to improve their practical homeopathic skills in a short time.

You will experience the awesome powers of true classical homeopathy, often in the most difficult cases. The homeopathic knowledge that you will acquire during these days in Mumbai, you will never forget.
Lectures are organised as and when Dr. Master is free and are held at least once or twice a week.
However Dr. Master's assistants regularly teach and discuss cases.An important part of the lecture will be to
train students in using homeopathic medical software "RADAR" to demonstrate the
different methods of repertorisation. 

Also the artof converting the patients language into language of repertory will be taught.

All lectures are  in English.
 Intensity – Hours

As the daily routine can sometimes be very intense, and the temperature will be high, it is not expected that you follow the long hours of the clinic. It will be best to start the first days on a moderate working schedule adapted to your own vitality.
 Duration - Certificate

A duration of 2 weeks clinical training with some days reserved for your leisure is advisable.
At the end of your training period you will receive a certificate. It might also be a nice opportunity to include a vacation in India, before or after your training period.
 Books & Other Accessories

The centre is well equipped with a large library of more than 5000 books including old journals. Students can freely make use of the resources but are strongly adviced to refrain from carrying the books out of the premises. The clinic is also equipped with computers and also homeopathic software "RADAR". Hence it is not necessary to carry your laptop with you.

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