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Dr Master sees animals at his clinic on every Sunday between 2pm to 3 pm.

Dr Master has been an ardent animal lover since his childhood. He has kept tortoises, turtles, fishes,dogs
and parrots as pets. As a young boy he had great pleasure in watching animals. While studying in school, he divided his time between pets at home, street animals and wild animals in the zoo. He spent so much time observing them that he began to think like them and to see the world from their point of view. He identified with them so strongly that he began to see human beings who hunted or produced harm to animals as his greatest enemy. Even today, Dr Master has a strong fascination of visiting zoos of differe-
t countries and studying the behavior of the native animals.
The seeds of observing animals and trying to understand their mysterious nature goes back to his early childhood when Dr Master joined the boys scout and passed an examination for naturalist. For this, he had to have an in-depth understanding of nature, for which he had to go on hikes and go camping. Dr Master found quite early in life that instead of striking across the field and searching for something new, it is better to sit in silence in a natural spot and allow nature to come to you.

Even though Dr Master isn’t a qualified zoologist or doesn’t have a degree in veterinary medicine, he has god’s gift of watching animals and making a scientific study of them by systematically and analytically watching them. It was possible for him to cure sick animals when qualified veterinary surgeons were unable to help these animals.

Dr Master has been actively involved in treating cats, cows, dogs, elephants, horses, leopard etc since the past 28 years. On occasions Dr Master’s free services have been solicited by reputed zoos from Bombay, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Also, many private horse owners consult Dr Master from different parts of the world, regarding building up of stamina and endurance of their animal.

Birds like lovebirds, macaws, pigeons, parrots, sparrows have been successfully treated. The animals are examined and then a detailed homoeopathic history is taken concerning the animal’s health history, habits and behavior.
Besides the treatment of humans, homoeopathy has an excellent scope in the treatment of animals. The principles that apply for the treatment of humans apply also in veterinary medicine. Animals have the ability to communicate their suffering by means of signs and movement.

Homoeopathy provides a gentle yet effective means of managing ailing animals.

 The benefits of using homoeopathy are

1. No side effects.
2. No suppression of symptoms that keep recurring.
3. No dependence on diagnosis only but also a close observation of the symptoms of the animals. This not only enables us to treat
diagnosed and known diseases but also new unknown diseases can be dealt with.
4. No lab trials in animals for the testing of medicines.
5. Improves the immunity of the animal.
Taking the history is of extreme importance in homoeopathy, and is not starkly different from the allopathic counterpart. However, it does require a different approach and attitude. In treating animals, we consider the present and past health history of the animal. The nature of the animal and its general symptoms as in its food preferences, physique, posture, gait, appetite, thirst, oestrus period, influences of climate and temperature. It is followed by detailed examination of the animal.

The diseases that Dr Master specializes in are:

(01) Canker of the ears
(02) Catarrh
(03) Colic
(04) Diarrhoea
(05) Mammitis
(06) Ophthalmia
(07) Pneumonia
(08) Rheumatism

(01) Allergic conditions
(02) Anemia
(03) Colitis
(04) Constipation
(05) Diarrhoea
(06) Diseases of the Eye
(07) Enteritis
(08) Epistaxis
(09) Endocrinal diseases


(11) Glossitis
(12) Gastritis
(13) Hepatitis and Cirrhosis

Infertility, Mastitis, Metritis, Lactation Tetany.

(15) Parotitis
(16) Pharyngitis
(17) Pancreatitis – acute and chronic


(19) Parasitic infestation
(20) Ranula

Rhinitis and Sinusitis

(22) Stomatitis

Skin conditions

Specific feline cases such as feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Feline Enteritis, Chlamydial Infection, Cryptococcosis, Feline Lymphotrophic Lentivirus ( FTLV).

Poultry/ Birds:
(01) Apoplexy
(02) Asthma
(03) Anemia
(04) Bone-wen
(05) Black rot
(06) Broken bones
(07) Bumble foot
(08) Bronchitis
(09) Chicken pox
(10) Chip
(11) Cholera
(12) Constipation
(13) Contusions
(14) Consumption
(15) Core
(16) Coryza or Catarrh
(17) Cough
(18) Diarrhoea and Dysentery
(19) Diseases of the eye
(20) Distemper
(21) Dizziness
(22) Dropsy
(23) Epilepsy
(24) Feathering
(25) Fistula


(27) Gout
(28) Hernia


(30) Humid or black diseases
(31) Indigestion- Dyspepsia


(33) Kriebel



Liver complaints

(36) Marasmus






(40) Ranikhet
(41) Swelled crop
(42) Tumours and Excresences
(43) Vesicles
(44) Warts
(45) White comb
(46) Worms

(01) Abortion
(02) Constipation
(03) Diarrhoea
(04) Injuries
(05) Loss of appetite
(06) Diminition or blood stained milk
(07) Ophthalmia
(08) Pleuro-pneumonia
(09) Rheumatism
(10) Rinderpest
(11) Skin ailments
(12) Swelling of head
(13) Sore and ulcerated teats
(14) Traumatic fevers
(15) Tuberculosis
(16) Red or black urine
(17) Warts


(01) Abortion,Difficult Parturition
(02) Abscess
(03) Diarrhoea
(04) Farcy (glanders or edematous swelling of the feet).
(05) Fatigue
(06) Indigestion
(07) Injuries
(08) Mange
(09) Retention of urine
(10) Blood stained urine
(11) Warts

(01) Angina
(02) Catarrh
(03) Cholera
(04) Mammitis
(05) Pneumonia
(06) St. Anthony’s Fire

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