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Dr Master has been writing editorials since a long time, some of his editorials sorted on the timeline are available below for download. We shall be continuously adding editorials with time:

Year 2014
Year 2013
Feb Do’S And Don’T In Homoeopathic Case Taking
Mar Radiation Treatment and Homoeopathy
Apr Allergic Disorders and Homoeopathy
May Boenninghausen Repertory in My Practice
Jun My experience with rare Calareas
Jul Homeopathy in Psychiatric Disorders
Aug Different Methods of Prescribing Remedies
Sep Logical Views on Organon and Chronic Disease
Nov Drug proving as I witnessed
Dec Information Given In Repertory Is Not Always Gospel Truth !!!
Year 2012
Jan Metals and Homoeopathy
Feb Vaccination and Homoeopathy
Mar Delayed Speech In Children, Its management with Homoeopathic Remedies.
Apr Common themes of snake venoms as understood from my 32 years of clinical
May Management of Fever with Homoeopathy
Jun Anger- Management - Psychotherapy - Homoeopathy
Jul Homoeopathy for Birth Trauma
Aug My Experiences With Bird Remedies
Sep Research Methodology In Homoeopathy
Oct Understanding Posology…A journey
Nov Desperate Surgical Cases
Dec Some rheumatic cases
Year 2011
Jan Homoepathy in Cancer
Feb Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Homoeopathy
Mar Kali Group
Apr L M Potency
May Hypertension
Jun Second Priscription
Jul Spider Group
Aug End Stage Disease
Sep Homoeopathic Management of Delayed Milestones
Oct Anxiety disorder
Nov Disorders of throat and Homoeopathy
Dec Sycosis and Homoeopathy
Year 2010
Jan Homoepathic Management of Irritable Bowel
Feb Isodes, Nosodes and Sarcodes in Homoeopathy
Mar Common E.N.T. problems in my practice
Apr Autism and Homoeopathy
Jun Research in Homeopathy
July Infertility and Homoeopath
Aug Modus Operandi of Homoeopathy
Sept Rare Diseases and Homoeopathy
Oct Perimenopausal Syndrome and Homoeopathy
Nov Acute prescription
Dec Rare Remedies in Homoeopathy
Year 2009
Jan Homoeopathic treatment of the elderly…..SOME CASES
Feb Editorial For The Month Of Feb 2009
Mar Some Thoughts on Parkinsonism
Apr Role of Homoeopathy in Childhood Leukemia
May Homoeopathic management of acute pulmonary oedema
Jun Scientific Proof of High Dilutions
July HomoeopathicManagement of Childhood
Aug Homoeopathic management of Male sexual disorders
Sep Metamorphosis of Homoeopathic Posology during Hahnemannian Era
Oct My views on Genus Epidemicus in Homoeopathy
Nov Homoeopathy in Diabetic Nephropathy
Dec HomoeopathicManagement of Headache
Year 2008
Jan My experiences with rare remedies in the field of Arthritis and Rheumatism
Feb Homoeopathy in cancer.
Mar Is there a scientif proof that Homoeopathy 
Works !!!
Apr Random thoughts on pleural effusion and homoeopathy
May My experiences with drug addictions and homoeopathy
Jun The use of INR (Prothrombin Time) in my practice
July Maternal and Child Health Care through Homoeopathy
Aug My experiences with rare remedies in skin disease
Sept Homoeopathic Management of atypical angina
Oct Homoeopathic Approach to Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Nov Septicemia in newborns and Homoeopathic approach
Dec Homoeopathic Management Of Thyroiditis
Year 2007
Jan Some Random Notes on Crorus Sativus
Feb ACETANILIDUM - heart Disease
Mar Experiences with Glacial acetic acid
Apr My experiences with Aconite ferrox and Aconitinum
May My experiences with Ammoniacum Gummi
Jun & July The A BC of Homoepathic Neuralgia
Aug Monsoon Showers In My Practice
Oct Psycho-somatic Illness and Homoeopathy
Nov Homoepathy and Psychiatry
Dec Some Random Notes on Acute Pulmonary Congestion.
Year 2006
Dec & Jan Homoepathy Approach to  Myocardial Infaraction
Jun My Experiences with Cadmium Salts in Homoeopathy
July & Aug My experiences with Cadmium Metallicum
Sept Thinking of post-graduate studies!
Oct & Nov Random Notes on Pediatric  Case-taking
Dec Homoepathy Approch to  Myocardial Infaraction
Dec & Jan Some Chronic Uses of Aloe Socotrina
Year 2005
July My clinical experiences with the book – ‘The new, old and forgotten remedies’ written by  Anshutze P
Year 2004
Feb & Mar Some Practical Discussion on Miasmatic Theory
Year 2003
Apr Scope of Homeopathic Education In Western Hemisphere After
May Scope of homoeopathic education in western hemisphere
Sept How I treat Angina Pectoris in my Practice?

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