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Alastair Grey, Australia  

I have had the good fortune to meet the Farokh many times. In addition, I have shared the speaking platform with him on numerous occasions. I'm always struck with his rigourous and uncompromising approach to teaching Homeopathy, a discipline he cares so deeply about, passionate and forthright on the one hand, yet his way with patients so compassionate and caring on the other.


Deborah Vidal RS Hom (NA), CCH, California Susana Gutiérrez, Bogota, Colombia

I am a classical homeopath practicing in Los Angeles, California.  Most of my homeopathic education has been Hahnemannian, however it is not easy to find a teacher that is strictly Hahnemannian. I was so happy to find Dr. Farokh Master was teaching a seminar near me because I had read and loved most of his books over the years.  I atended this first seminar here in California and knew he had to come back and teach us more!

I asked him to please consider teaching the Miasms because it was those books and subject matter that I loved so much.  To my surprise 6 months later he came back to California and did a 5-days seminar on miasms. This was the best seminar I ever attended. The information I learned was easy to immediately apply in my practice and continues to help me everyday.  Dr. Master has a huge knowledge that has been derived from his infinite hours of study and clinical practice and everything he passes down to us is ONLY coming from his experience. That means it is 100% tested and is not information being passed down only from books.  This is a gift in itself.  I love the video cases in his seminars ...many have lots of years of follow up with astounding results.  Dr. Master speaks the truth, and has a huge commitment to teaching homeopaths Hahnemannian homeopathy because these methods work!  He is a dedicated doctor, a wonderful teacher that inspires you to learn how to be successful in your homeopathic practice.  I will continue to attend his seminars as long as he is willing to come teach us.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from a real Master... no punnintended! :-) If you ever get the chance to learn from him don't think twice about it!

Dr. Farokh Master came to the Fundación Universitaria Escuela Colombiana de Medicina Homeopática “Luis G. Páez” past November 2012 left a great impression to the Colombian Homeopaths, because he showed us a scientific way to be confidence in the treatment of serious illnesses like cancer, cerebrovascular, degenerative neurologic diseases, etc.  With classical and most according to Hahnemann's Homeopathy. It was a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to see him taking cases, with this kind attitude to the patient and how skillfully he got the main symptoms and the dreams to understand the disease of the patient. His lectures were so pleasant, because of his generosity with his knowledge and the gracefulness he uses to talk about Philosophy, Materia Medica and clinical cases. His five cup method was a new way to prescribe the remedy in order to achieve a smooth, sure, and permanent effect. I believe everyone will attend the next seminar or Dr. Farokh Master at 2014.

Will Taylor, Portland, Oregon Tom Vogel M.D., Vienna, Austria

October 27 - November 7, 2012
Farokh Master in Rakkar Village, Himachal Pradesh

For two weeks, 25 of us gathered at the beautiful Tara Retreat Center in Rakkar Village, Himachal Pradesh, northern India, for the opportunity to study with Farokh Master.

In our afternoon breaks, we found no lack of activities - visits nearby to the palace of the Dalai Lama, the Gyuto Monastery & residence of the Karmapa, the Norbalingka Institute for the preservation of Tibetan culture and Dolma Ling Buddhist nunnery; a Hindu temple where Arjuna received blessing from Shiva just up the road; hiking in the front range of the Himalayas; shopping for shawls and woven garments in the shops of Dharamshala and the roadside stalls of McLeodGanj; strolls through the backyard stables and terraced fields of Rakkar village, with its turquoise-blue river tumbling out of the mountains; or just resting in the peaceful gardens of the Tara center, surrounded by snow-flecked mountains and the flittings of blue magpies in the bushes.

But the jewel in the center of all this, was Farokh’s teaching.

I’ve had the privilege to know Farokh for 12 years, as friend, colleague and mentor.  I’d already learned more from him while riding on the back of a motorbike on twisty Greek island roads, than I had from most of my other teachers combined.  But here, Farokh’s indefatigable energies and abilities to cut through confusion to the core of an issue combined to create a truly memorable and productive learning experience.

You can “give a man a fish,” but Farokh began the seminar teaching us “how to fish” - how to study a remedy, systematically, reliably, moving from the remedy under study to comparisons and contrasts with concordant remedies both large and small.  This approach was repeated as we encountered remedies in casework throughout the conference.

Cases presented involved a mix of recorded video cases of serious pathology with long-term followup - cancers, renal failure, rheumatic disease - and live cases of individuals brought in by practitioners working with the local Indian and Tibetan refugee communities.  Followups involved full remissions of serious pathologies, years added to the lives of people diagnosed with terminal illnesses.  An added bonus for us, was to observe Farokh taking cases alongside his daughter, Dr. Rukhsin Master, now becoming a venerable practitioner in her own right.

I’ve attended many seminars of teachers attempting to innovate in homeopathy, promoting novel ways of working - only to find myself puzzled as to how to apply these teachings back at home in my practice.  Farokh drilled down to the essentials - how to observe at a case, how to extract the characterizing information, how to find this represented in our literature and recognize simillitude in a remedy.  There was something here for everyone - essential foundations for the well-established practitioner as well as for the novice.  As an “old man” now in this profession, I returned with new inspiration and enthusiasm to apply to my practice and teaching.

We also had the opportunity to meet some remarkable individuals providing homeopathic care to the local community.  Dr. Barbara Nath-Wiser is the director of the Nishta Rural Health Center in Rakkar village, providing general and homeopathic health care to the community in the town adjacent to the Tara center, as well as coordinating local community-building and cultural preservation efforts.  We quickly learned that regardless of where we mighty find ourselves, and despite any difficulties we might have with language, the directions “Dr. Barbara” to a taxi driver would find us quickly home.  Spero Latchis operates the SHRI Free Clinic in the nearby town of Bir, a Tibetan refugee settlement; and treks into remote mountain villages with volunteer teams to provide free homeopathic care.

My friends have always told me that no one visits India once.  I understand this now, but I have an added enticement to return, for Farokh Master’s Second Dharamshala Himalayan Retreat.  I’ll see you there - September 28 - October 7, 2013.

- Will Taylor has recently retired from serving 11 years as director of the homeopathy program at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, to focus on web- and seminar-based teaching.  He’s the grey-bearded gnome-like character in the front row of the group photo; his lovely wife Mary, is in the front row wearing a green scarf.

You are the first teacher in homeopathy I have met who asked so clearly for feedback and I think this is a very valuable point in teaching!

I found it very good to address the failures in homeopathic practice - where you have found them in your own work (Anamnesis, etc....), the analysis of the failures and the work on them to better the homeopathic outcomes and work.

Through your way of holding the seminar it seems now very clear to me, that your audience in Salzburg (including myself) - have very much to learn in observation and especially on pathognomonic symptoms!!! - To get a good quality in our practice. By the way thanks for the good hint to find out about pathognomonic symptoms by googling or by visiting patients-websites!!!!!

I found it very well done in the beginning that you step by step worked your way of case taking and - analysis through with the audience. Through that it became much clearer where the mistakes are of the hom.-students. I think this is a way of teaching homeopathy in which the students can be picked up from where they are and have a close look on where their problems in the work are and how to make their work and learning process better. 

I found it very valuable that you pronounced the importance of observation strongly as you did (see also the foreword to Hahnemann’s Materia medica Pura foreword to the 4th book!!!!) 

Another valuable point for me was also that you let the audience participate in the case-analysis to see how they see the case and to find out where their problems are.

Another important point was for me your emphasizing on knowledge of the exact meaning of repertory-rubrics (which seems to me to be a big problem of practice in Austria).

About the cases:
I found it good that you brought severe acute-cases. Why?
1) It showed impressively what homeopathy can do, when well done. Which seems to me very important in a country where homeopaths often seem to be the private doctors for mild-chronic-conditions only who better not dare to teat something more severe.

2) It showed a lot about the importance of observation. (Which seems to me also very neglected in homeopathic practice and education over here!)

The live-case:
I found it a very good teaching-case, because:

1) Long spontaneous report from patient and parents

2) Detailed of the symptoms

3) Questions from head to toes

4) Making a pathological diagnosis (missed out by the audience!!!)

5) You created a relaxed atmosphere during the case-taking

6) Enough time for case-analysis for the seminar-attendants

7) Well structured and understandable case-analysis

8) Follow-able differentiating of remedies

I am very thankful about your research-work on Hahnemann and posology! I hope that you write a textbook or something like that about it, so that not every generation of homeopaths has to do this hard work again!!!!

Your seminar left me with a feeling that

1) Homeopathy can do such marvelous things (which I know but it is so good to see nice proof from time to time).

2) You showed me where are problems in my work (observation, pathognomonic, repertory) and you gave tools to work on these problems.

3) You showed a clear form how to work on a clear basic methodology.

4) You created for me a relaxed and humoristic atmosphere for the whole seminar.


Dario Spinedi, Switzerland Didier Grandgeorge, France

I have an high consideration of Dr. Farokh Master who has devoted his life to the study and spreading Homoeopathy all over the world and helping suffering people.

farokh MASTER gave several seminar in french riviera for the hahnemannienn homeopathic school of FREJUS, and everybody could enjoy his wonderful knowledge about taking difficult cases, repertorising, utilisation of small rare remedies.

Robert Gramlich, California Suman S., Singapore

I have attended several seminars given by Dr. Master and have found them to be excellent learning experiences.  His knowledge of Philosophy and Materia Medica is quite deep and profound and he has shared with us much that he has learned from his 35 years of clinical practice.  His results with serious pathologies are excellent and he is very generous in sharing this experience with us.

What strikes me most is Dr. Master's deep love for Homeopathy and his intention and ceaseless dedication to preserving Hahnemann's legacy.  Clearly his teaching comes from his sincere desire to help us be better homeopaths. 

You return from a seminar by Dr. Master and you realise you were able to pack in a lot more than you imagined yourself capable of, in those couple of days. He is a storehouse of knowledge who shares whole heartedly with every sincere learner. A patient and thorough teacher we get the benefit of going through groups of remedies to cases of varying degrees of complexity. What is most remarkable is that he can still think like a student when he addresses doubts and questions. In short, a wonderful learning experience.

Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA), Core Faculty, Teleosis, Boston, U.S.A. Edward Broussailes, France

Dr. Master’s highly focused classical approach is a wonderful reminder of the simplicity and depth of good classical homeopathy. So much can be learned from his deep understanding of the core tenets of homeopathy, his grasp of the Organon and his extensive clinical experience. His pediatric book is one of our core resources at Teleosis as his grasp of how materia medica comes alive in children is unsurpassed. I highly recommend his books and seminars! 

No doubt, Farokh Master is amongst the best homoeopaths in the world. Worthy of his name, he defends pure homoeopathy. His clear teaching is a must to every people who desire to study genuine homoeopathy. 

 Vicki Kennedy, Australia Homoeopathic  Association,  Paul Engelen, Holland

Thank you for presenting in Sydney. The following feedback taken at the end of the seminar at Australia Homoeopathic Association; there were 100 attendees for the day and majority of the delegates were of the opinion that:

Lecturer was well prepared for the seminar and presented material was in well organized way. He was seen and heard clearly. He also allowed time to the audience and patiently answered all the questions.

The explanations were clear and understandable. He maintained the interest with suitable teaching aids and added new links and concepts to our knowledge base. The material that was presented will be useful in our practice.

I have enjoyed it very much. You were very inspiring to me and I feel my understanding and working knowledge of classical homeopathy has improved a lot by your teachings.

 Paul Albers, Senior teacher, Hogeschool voor  Naturgeneeswijzen Arnhem, Holland  Dr. Otto Fiel M.D., Austria

Your seminar was the biggest inspiration for my homeopathic life. I saw homeopathy as it could be!

At the moment I am busy starting up my clinic related to the HvNA. We will call it 'Het Homeopathisch Gezondheidscentrum' (Homeopathic Heath Centre) to honour what I've seen in Bombay.

Dear Doctor Master!

I really enjoyed your Seminar in Salzburg! Going back to the roots was/is an very important experience, thank you! I’m looking forward 2007.

 Dr. Ahmed Currim M.D., U.S.A.  Gandalf Rottmann M.D., Salzburg, Austria

Dr. Farokh J. Master MD is one of the senior homeopathic physicians in our profession and it is a great privilege to study from him, either through his writings or his lectures and courses.

Regarding his writings, Dr. F J M is the author of over 40 books in homeopathy, encompassing a vast number of subjects. Amongst some of them are:1.) Sycotic Shame, 2.) Sandy Silica, 3.) Suppressed Staphysagria,4.) Agitated Argentums,5.) Naja, Naja, Naja,6.) Bitis Arietans, 7.)Bungarus Fasciatus,8.) Snakes in Homeopathic Grass, 9.)Mysterious Thuja,11.) Clinical Tips, 12.)Clinical Observations of Children’s Remedies, 13.)Homeopathic Treatment of Cardio-Respiratory Failure, 14.) The State of Mind that Affects the Fetus,15.) The Web Spinors,16.) Hair loss, 17.)Homeopathic Bedside Tips,18.) Lacs in Homeopathy,19.) Perceiving Symptoms of the Mind, 20.)Homeopathic Dictionary of Dreams,21.) Snakes(new) and a host of other books.

Having personally studied most of these books, with repertories at my side, I can say that not only are the books very well written and sound homeopathically; but they are clinically very useful and greatly help the practitioner to understand and in turn, help his patients.

Dr. F J M, has added several remedies and rubrics to the major chapters of our major repertories of homeopathic materia medica. As a simple example, the chapter on foods in the generals has many unusual additions, especially Indian foods and European foods making it very useful in treating Indian and European patients and in choosing their Similimum.

I’ve had the privilege of attending several of Dr. F J M’s courses with delight and thrill. He was masterful at taking the several case histories in India and USA of several patients seen in the course of examining these patients, of analyzing and repertorizing the cases and, not only coming up with the correct remedy but also getting meaningful follow ups and seeing the clinical improvement over time in even complicated cases. 

I enthusiastically travel to get to his seminars and courses and learn from his teaching to be a better prescriber for helping my patients.

I am happy to endorse Dr F J M as one of our very knowledgeable physicians who has contributed greatly to our profession and who has personally contributed to my knowledge of Homeopathy. He is an excellent teacher and clearly explains the materia medica and brings homeopathy alive


First of all thank you for all information’s about your work in homeopathy – the systematic choosing of the peculiar symptoms/themes of the patient was a very helpful.

I think this practice to look for what is “really peculiar” is not efficient enough taught from other teachers.

I was very impressed by all cases you showed – how efficiently homoeopathy can cure a VSD, I didn´t realise that till Your Seminar.

And specially thank you for the recommend to the literature of Whitmont.

I bought me nearly all books from him and started with the dream-seminars from Bad Reichenhall.

A very helpful book to come in contact with dreams in a non-invasive way of observation.

I started too read C.G. Jung about two years ago and Whitmont is a perfect bridge between Jung and homeopathy.

For me there are too less bridges between Jung and Homeopathy.

I was really astonished that there exists one in Bombay! 

And I also was impressed about your rich knowledge about the history of homeopathy

I am sorry that - not only in Austria - many homeopaths have a rather big distance to psychotherapy and analytical observation.

Maybe this is also a reason for why it is so difficult for many to work with dreams and inner life-themes that are in a latent state and wants to be developed?

I hope there is a possibility to hear see and You again

The time in Salzburg was much too short.

 Dr. Paul Albers, Holland Dr. Werner Kerschbaumer, Cape Town, South Africa

So now I want to thank you again explicitly for the excellent seminar you gave at our college. You lived up to our expectations and gave us even more than that! And, you only once (and not every half hour!) gave your opinion about nowadays trends. But you did so very efficiently! Thanks for that as well. I am, and the whole homeopathy section of our college, is delighted that you too like to extend our cooperation into next year.

Hi Farokh, 
Yes, I was VERY happy with you and people were very happy and they feel they learned. Several people commented they were really sorry they didn’t attend because of the good comments they heard from others. Yes, people want you again.

 Dr. Mitchell Fleisher, U.S.A.  Dr. Toroko Yui, Principal, Royal Academy of  Homoeopathy, Japan

It is wonderful to hear from you. I remember with fondness the time I spent with you in your clinic in Mumbai, the motor scooter rides through the city, the house call with the aristocratic young Arsenic with acute malaria. It would be a pleasure to work with you again in a dynamic CAM clinical setting.

You are highly regarded, not only by me but by homeopaths worldwide, as one of the most astute homeopathic physicians and teachers in the world today. It would be an honor to work by your side in this new endeavor.

I invited Dr Farokh Master for my students to Japan in the summer 2005. He generously showed his wisdom, how to find a simillimum remedy, using deep insight, rich stored of knowledge of Materia Medica and Repertorisation towards complicated and difficult cases.

I had also a great opportunity of meeting him again at an international conference in Dubai in 2007.

I am honored to call him, a great homoeopath, as one of my friends.

 Dr. Erika and Dr. Hermann Azenbacher, Salzburg, Austria  Dr.Meghabhuti Roth, U.S.A.

We learned a lot - as usual when you came to Salzburg and previously also from your Augsburg seminar. We cannot wait for your another seminar this year again Salzburg.

I am eternally grateful to you for your wonderful seminar in Boston and my practice is really going wonderfully and I am getting some nice results all by your kind and self giving instruction!!!!All my love to you my brother.

 Dr. Paul Albers, Holland  Dr. Roberto Petrucci, Italy

I want to thank you explicitly for the excellent seminar you gave at our college. You lived up to our expectations and gave us even more than that! And, you only once (and not every half hour!) gave your opinion about nowadays trends. But you did so very efficiently! Thanks for that as well. I am, and the whole homeopathy section of our college, is delighted that you too like to extend our cooperation into next year.

The level you taught on was appropriate, the broadness of your approach very nice and the exactness and sharpness of your opinions just as I hoped for. On top of that you have a very pleasant manner in which you approach the audience. The video cases gave an excellent backbone to the weekend. So without the intention to flatter, we are very positive in our opinion. It is good to continue on the same subject because we like to hear more about it an need to be taught further in this field. 

I attended some seminars of Dr. Master and then I had the luck to teach with him.

Since the first time I met him, I was surprised about his knowledge about small rubrics of repertory, small remedies and also about his conduction of the case, but I was strongly impressed when he showed me his acute cases where I think he gives his best demonstrating the power of homeopathy.

The way of teaching of Dr. Master is really attractive and I strongly recommend to every homeopath to attend a seminar with him.

 Tenna Vinding, Denmark  Christel Lombaerts, Centrum voor Klassieke Homeopathie, Belgium

I can tell you that we have had very many positive feed backs to your seminar.

Several people have asked when you can come again. It can sometimes be difficult to teach a group with so much difference in basic knowledge. But everyone straight from the first term students to the graduated attendants expressed that they had great benefit from your teaching. So we hope you will find time to come back to Denmark some time.

Dr Farokh Master taught at the CKH at several instances. His discourse is clear and practical, with firm clinical confirmations. His knowledge of homeopathy, as well on Materia Medica as on basic philosophy, is extremely vast and thorough. In his prescriptions he goes into the depth of the case without losing sight of the rare, strange and peculiar. Moreover, from his treatments his warm-hearted nature and deep insight in human character is apparent. All these features make Dr Farokh Master a passionate but methodological teacher. 

Marianne Martinovic, Canada   Renzo Becherelli

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful seminar. Such an honour to listen to Dr. Master and learn from his pearls of experience.


Your seminar was very interesting and full of ideas for our studies. God bless you!

Carmine Lo Schiavo   Katrine Sigwart, Narayan Publishers, Germany

Congratulations Dr. Farokh Master for 3 days of the Roman XVI International Seminar on Homeopathy! With generosity and skill you have enriched us culturally and practically, by transferring a great experience, gained in the field.


Thanks for your great speech. We just analyzed the feedback we received and you were again by far the most popular speaker. We received a total of 68 feedbacks. Out of them 53 found you very good and 7 good People commented that your surname "Master" is very suitable for you.


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